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Milwaukee M18 120 Ft Pipeline Inspection Reel



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Family Owned & Operated Since 1948

Milwaukee M18 120 Ft Pipeline Inspection Reel

The MILWAUKEE 120’ Pipeline Inspection Reel designed for 2”-6” drain lines is powered by the M18 500GB Control Hub and is part of the M18 Modular Pipeline Inspection System. Featuring the industry’s shortest 25 mm 1080p self-leveling HD camera head provides the ability to digitally zoom up to 4X with optimized light output inside of the pipes. This allows technicians to see more in drain lines than ever before. The sewer line camera has a compact design and removable backpack straps, making transportation to any roof, drain, crawl space or cleanout easier than ever. The 120’ Pipeline Inspection Reel comes equipped with small and medium camera skids as well as a camera head sleeve to center and protect the camera while inside pipes. 1080p camera resolution providing the industry’s clearest image inside of drain lines 25mm self-leveling camera head 10mm Push Cable Diameter provides best mix of stiffness and flexibility Line Capacity: 2in.-6in. Sonde Frequency: 512Hz, 33 KHz Line Trace Frequency: 33kHz, 83kHz

  • Powered by the M18 500GB Control Hub
  • Removable backpack straps for hands free carrying
  • On board monitor mount for viewing and transportation
  • Milwaukee M18 120 Ft Pipeline Inspection Reel
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