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Milwaukee M12 M-Spector Flex Pivot Kit



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Family Owned & Operated Since 1948

Milwaukee M12 M-Spector Flex Pivot Kit

The M12 M-Spector Flex inspection camera cable w/Pivot View kit is the only contractor inspection camera that gives users full control positioning the camera head with its exclusive Pivot View cable. With the turn of a dial, it’s 270⁰ camera head motion means never again dealing with the frustrations of bending, feeding and positioning standard camera cables just to look in different directions. The cable attaches in four different positions allowing users to inspect in all directions and optimize the dial position. Leveraging state-of-the-art LED technology, users get 15X greater LED brightness for seeing further and clearer in large, dark spaces. The 12.5 mm (.49 in.) diameter and shortened camera head length gives users easier and greater access to tight spaces than 17 mm cameras. A 3.5 in. wireless LCD display console allows users to comfortably view images in any position. Capture best-in-class images or video on an SD card for easy documentation of warranty claims or service work for customers. The M12 M-Spector Flex inspection camera cable w/Pivot View kit is perfect for remodel inspections, facility maintenance, machinery and production lines, and residential or commercial trades where documenting inspections is essential. Pivot View camera head gives users 270⁰ control with the turn of a dial, eliminating frustrations positioning the camera Cable attaches in four different positions allowing users to inspect in all directions See clearer, further with 15X brighter LED output 3.5 In. wireless LCD display console allows for comfortable viewing in any position or location up to 15 ft away 640 x 480 camera for best-in-class image quality 12.5 mm (.49 In.) camera head for greater access than 17 mm cameras

  • Shorter camera head for tighter turns
  • Flush lens prevents build-up, beveled edges reduces friction
  • Instantly capture images or video with audio from handle or display
  • Digitally rotate and zoom images for the ideal view
  • Milwaukee M12 M-Spector Flex Pivot Kit
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